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Therefore, it is important to be cautious about your salt intake while taking prednisone. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend consuming less than 1, milligrams of sodium per day if you have high blood pressure. You can avoid excess salt by eating fresh foods rather than fast food or processed and. Prednisone is a steroid medication commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation in the body. While Prednisone can be helpful in treating your symptoms, it also can have an unwanted side effect: fluid retention that leads to weight gain. If you have begun taking Prednisone, your physician may recommend eating certain.

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Eating extra calcium and taking calcium supplements are very important for anyone taking prednisone. . As weight can exacerbate some steroid side effects such as steroids-induced diabetes, high-blood pressure, and high cholesterol, losing weight while there is control of the disease and the steroid. The side effects of glucosteroids or corticosteroids are challenging, but there are nutritional strategies that will help with your diet while on steroids.

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