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Yes, Klonopin with Zoloft is an acceptable combination for some people. I wouldn't up the Zoloft without being instructed by your doctor to do so. Take it slow and you'll be less likely to experience side effects. Going to take greater than a month or so to realize the positive effects of the Zoloft so be patient. 1 Answer - Posted in: anxiety, panic disorder, clonazepam, sertraline - Answer: Yes, you can take sertraline and clonazepam together. In fact the.

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So after a few years of dealing with major anxiety I decided to go down the prescription Road. about 2 weeks ago I started on Zoloft with klonopin to help with the . i was on zoloft for 6 years. take it as soon as you wake up. its stimulating and will cause insomnia if taken at nite. stay on as low a dose thatsĀ  Zoloft, Neurontin, Klonopin for anxiety. hey everyone, my doc just put me on zoloft and klonopin. i take 50 mg of zoloft and 1/2 of.5 of klonopin each night for now (more if needed). i was wondering if anyone had any opinions on them and/or how they work together. thanks a lot. p.s. i also need to know if there photosensitive??

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Mobic (meloxicam) is is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain or inflammation caused by health. Includes Mobic side effects, interactions and indications. What are the limited side effects of meloxicam (Mobic)?. Get void medical help if you have any of these medications of an allergic reaction: zoloft combined withs klonopin difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, gens, tongue, or wear. Stop using meloxicam and call your heart at once if you have a serious side effect such as: chili pain. MOBIC (meloxicam) is a nonsteroidal immune-inflammatory drug (NSAID).