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As for the bleeding- everyone is different. Personally, I really didn't bleed after the MTX shot. Well, technically I had two days of super light bleeding but that came about 3 weeks or so after the shot. Some people don't bleed at all and your body just reabsorbs everything. Others begin bleeding a few days. I have been spotting/bleeding for almost 2 months now. It's super Then i got the mtx shot and had heavy bleeding two days then just enough bleeding to wear a panty liner until yesterday. Once my levels were back to normal I stopped bleeding the same day that took about weeks (after the shot).

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I decided to go ahead with the methotrexate injection. On day 3 after the injection I started bleeding heavily for 1 week, with headaches but after that I've been bleeding constantly for 2 months now. My hcg levels were at 6 last week. A few days ago I started bleeding heavily again. Drs tell me it's normal up. Hi, I just was going to post this question when I saw this thread. I'm 3 1/2 weeks past the methotrexate shot and I'm still bleeding. Is it common for it to go on for so long? I'm having my beta levels checked tomorrow, but I'm really ready to move on, but I can't as long I'm still dealing with the effects of ths shot.

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