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I got 2mg white long bars and wonder if it is safe to shoot them. I have read about people doing it but dont know what need to be used to break them down so is it as simple as mixing with water and using a cotton to filter like other things? Im also aware that there are alot of skeptics about using alprazolam in  (benzos) Pressed xanax bars..? My cousin was caught shooting up xanax and wont tell the family what household product she uses so was can rid the house of it. someone gave me a round white pill breakes down to four peaces like a bar it says on it i wanted to know if this ia a xanax ## just wondering if this is a xanax?

Formulation of us suffer through it shooting white xanax bars Benadryl, Neti Pot, Vicks Downstream Rub, Humidifiers and Tylenol. Feb 9, at AM NickyOakes. hcronk. I got the flu with my first year and I was put on tamiflu and popped cough drops. I use them now too.

I researched a few things about xanax and solubility and other general facts about it. I was a daily heroin user and i knew to be careful about what i was putting in me. To cut that short, i broke up a quarter of a 2mg xanax bar.5 mg), crushed it in a spoon and used 75 units of 80 proof(40%) bourbon(i know  Drug info - - Best way to take Xanax (Alprazolam). This doesn't mean that you should do it though! Shooting drugs into your veins can be very dangerous! With repeated use, it is entirely possible for your veins to breakdown. This could potentially result in death! If you insist in consuming Xanax, you should avoid shooting it all together! Alternatives Instead of injecting Xanax.

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