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How much Valium (Diazepam) would it take for someone to feel pretty good if he was to have the 2mg tablets, and how long would it take to build It takes about 45 minutes to really feel the effects of diazepam. After 45 minutes, if You doesn't feel anything, then You can take another mg. The troubleĀ  Experiences - - Marijuana and diazepam (valium), experience. Doctors hate given me Valium and it really blows me out as I don't drink and don't take illegal Drugs [ I did take heroin in the late 80s and some speed.. ]. . 5mg of diazepam (Valium) never did much for me. . Use the lowest amount you need, because You would be surprised how much of a difference 1 mg will make.

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I'm not sure how we could possibly be able to answer this - we aren't you, we don't know your experience with benzodiazepines or lack there of, etc. mg is a tiny dose - it may produce some very mild sedation (unless you're hypersensitive) but if you have no experience with benzos, it's not going to do. hi im new on here iv had aniety for a while but only know iv got it since jan when i got it bad due to a death in the family iv been takeing diazepam on and off since then i took a mg the other night and felt great for 24hours can a tablet last that long?5mg diazepam - is that a strong dose?

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