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I took the pills together (1 Aleve and 1 Soma) for 2 evenings, and then stopped because my ear was ringing very loudly, and I feel a significant loss in my hearing on my left side. I always have tinnitus in my left ear due to damaging my ear in college from listening to a Walkman radio. However, since I took these medications. Get Free Presentation Reveals 1 Tip to Eliminate Your Tinnitus Forever in Days "Guaranteed!" click here.

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I have been experiencing tinnitus for 5 days now. It came on suddenly March 10 when I woke up accompanied by dizziness. The tinnitus is a high pitched (though not on one pitch) white noise in both ears. It affected my hearing the first day or so-music was hard to listen to-distorted. I can more or less hear. I never used to wear ear plugs, but I now wear musician's earplugs. I woke up a little over two weeks ago with ringing in my left ear. I'm taking naproxen sodium mg 2x a day for only a week, and he also said that if it causes me major problems, we could discontinue the naproxen and it shouldn't.

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