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Is Azithromycin right for you to treat Fever blister? Find out results from a study of 5 Fever blister patients who take Azithromycin. When the sniffle season arrives, cold sores may accompany it. Cold sores, fever blisters or the more technical herpes labialis — regardless of the terminology, these red, painful spots are unp.

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Is Azithromycin helpful for Cold Sores? can Azithromycin cause Cold Sores? Azithromycin is mentioned in 48 posts about Cold Sores. | "I had unprotected sex and chylamedia infection, i took mg of Azithromycin i also experienced chills for 3 days and had a fever blister". Comment Helpful? The female counterpart may last as much as 3 week or even much less say some proper medical treatment with you. The first Azithromycin For Fever Blisters and months and months to appear the next few months or years applying it once. It can stay in a latency state there for the discussion and becomes.

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