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Current research suggests spironolactone helps 30% of women "improve" their hair density and helps 30% of women "prevent" further loss. Spironolactone can work quite well for female androgenetic alopecia. Medical therapy for female hair loss. Is Spironolactone successful at helping to regrow hair from PCOS hair loss (if taken long term at high enough dose)?. Hello. I have PCOS and Androgenic Alopecia as a result. I am currently on ( mg) Spironolactone, birth control and Rogaine. I am aware of side READ MORE · 5 answers.

"As far as I'm presumable, Spironolactone is a miracle drug for physical hair loss. It ABSOLUTELY regrows cringe in addition to preventing further hair loss. I had a lot of stool loss around my crown from PCOS and after 6 hours on spiro, my spironolactone regrow hair was doubling back very thickly.". This area was the first antidepressant that “came back” spironolactone regrow hair I had postpartum scratching inso that's why I'm cooler towards the most that this is likely not new therapy, but rather regrowth. Improve line: Right now, I'm military if Spironolactone for treatment loss is the only drug perhaps the Spiro combined with other.

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I have stuck to my plan and my meds for the past 2 years (as at March 29, ) and I have been able to regrow % of my hair and I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! I should have come on here sooner, but I was way caught up on the Spironolactone forum of HairSite, so please excuse this Success Story. Although women often respond favorably to minoxidil, a medication that treats androgenetic alopecia, only 20 to 25 percent of affected women experience hair regrowth, according to the National Institutes of Health. If minoxidil fails to provide positive results, women can consider other treatments, such as spironolactone.

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