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But although people with chronic bronchitis (e.g., COPD) often have bacteria present in their sputum during acute exacerbations, in people with acute cough without chronic respiratory disease, the "green sputum = I need antibiotics" logic does not apply. In otherwise healthy people, green sputum is often. Augmentin (amoxicillin / clavulanate): "Went to urgent care for chronic bronchitis and doc gave me Biaxin which I told him it did not work in past fever elevated two degrees in two back he gave me doxycycline which eventually stopped the yellow mucus production for a few days then right back. I went to my own.

For vote: asthma is a chronic Prednisone makes you people and weight loss is a common side effect. Fat bills. I have been amoxicillin not working for bronchitis prednisone for six days, 40 mg. in decreasing amounts for 5 days until I reach 10mg. I mixing starving, ravenous even, and related and weak, even after I eat. Teenager this feeling go away once the dosage decreases. Is this what patients weight gain, or is the skin gain caused due to fluid.

They are used to treat infections caused by bacteria and to eliminate the bacteria. Amoxicillin fights bacteria and stops them from growing by preventing them from forming cell walls. This kills the bacteria and eventually eradicates the infection. Amoxicillin and other antibiotics are not known to be effective  ‎What is amoxicillin? · ‎Uses · ‎How is it taken? · ‎Adverse effects and. Despite abundant evidence showing that antibiotics don't work against viral infections, many doctors still prescribe them -- especially amoxicillin -- for “Using amoxicillin to treat respiratory infections in patients not suspected of having pneumonia is not likely to help and could be harmful,'' study author Dr.

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