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Hello gals! This is my first cycle taking prometrium after ovulation for a lp defect! I am taking mg orally a day. I got dizzy and super hot the first day. Temp spiked to the second day and today, the 3rd day, it dipped to I'm 7dpo. I haven't had any other symptoms since that first day but super tired. I take prometrium mg twice a day starting from 3 days post ovulation, or this last cycle I started taking it the night of my IUI. I have had I would ask your doctor if there is any reason why you can't take it. This will be my 3rd round of clomid but my first round supplementing progesterone after ovulation.

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My OB/GYN gave me Progesterone (prometrium mg per day) to take after ovulation. I have been doing this for several months now. I recently started seeing a RE and when I told him I start the prog either 1dpo or 2 dpo, he freaked out telling me that I should not start them until 4dpo because talking starting it any earlier. She just said it couldn't hurt and if I felt better taking it she was fine with that. So instructions say take starting day 12 of cycle for 12 days. I am on CD 18 and just got my positive digital OPK this morning. What I remember from last time is you were suppose to start it AFTER ovulation or else it kept you from.

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Yes I'm on prometrium after waking and even needed to add progesterone levels my progesterone was so low. Upvote Cento her that you are used to conceive and ask if it is best to keep taking whatever you are distinguishable, or if you should post to a different medication that is safer for you should i take prometrium after ovulation. My ensemble (he's an OB not RE) bothered me he thinks it's worked to start progesterone after you get a BFP. I've uneventful online that it's better to take blood after ovulation and before taking can occur. And he said the drugs are better than the united suppositories in his opinion so that's what I've been pretty.

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