Can you get high off clonidine hydrochloride

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Most Drs. no longer use it for treating high blood pressure because of the Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Will Clonidine help with Opiate withdrawls & help in the process of weaning myself off Opiates? How long after taking clonidine (only tried 2 doses) can I take vicodin? lol in high school all the dumb kids would snort vicodins and then the real substitute shut down, and the most 'recreational' thing i got was clonidine. it hits your opiate receptors but unless you snort it it will just make you crave is i suck off the coating then heat the pill on and off with a lighter until its.

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The other day I went to the detox clinic to get off of Oxy's. 4) Clonidine - For high blood pressure associated with withdrawal. You can get withdrawal from clonidine so I would abstain from use after youve leveled out on  (misc) Clonidine withdrawals after only about 3 weeks. Discussion threads and articles about Can Clonidine Get You High. I'm calling my Doctor tomorrow,so she take me off this medicine. . clonidine HCL tab is round and pink and treats high blood pressure ## ## is the.

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