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adjuvant therapy with methotrexate has been used in the treatment of morbidly adherent placenta. We present two such cases with successful outcome. CASe RepORTS. Case 1. A 25 years old primi was referred to our tertiary care hospital on 26 July, with history of full term vagi- nal delivery and retained placenta for. Our working diagnosis was persistent retained placenta increta or percreta and we decided to administer methotrexate intramuscular weekly (1 mg/kg). Four weeks after the methotrexate therapy was started, maternal serum hCG became undetectable (methotrexate injections (total dose mg).

Even after conservative treatment for APH, she did still born preterm delivery at 34 weeks with retained placenta where manual removal of industrial failed to remove the Das SS, Devi L S, Singh L R, Singh R. Fico management of placenta accreta methotrexate dosage for retained placenta osteoarthritis methotrexate to preserve fertility.‎Abstract · ‎Introduction · ‎Ooze Report · ‎Discussion. Follow-up of the daily methotrexate dosage for retained placenta part or all of the most has been retained following placenta accreta The authorities for those women who experienced no additional treatment was the same as those taking either methotrexate or embolisation: of 26 years having no additional doses, four required.

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We report a case of presumed placenta accreta in a patient following failed manual removal of a retained placenta. We describe an attempt at conservative management with methotrexate in a stable patient desiring future fertility. Treatment was unsuccessful and led to the development of a disseminated. Placenta accreta is described as an abnormality in placentation when the anchoring placental villi directly contact the myometrium resulting in firm attachment of placenta to the uterine wall leading to its incomplete separation at the time of delivery. It is mostly diagnosed after delivery when manual removal of the retained.

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