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I take carbidopa/levodopa 25/ every 4 hours (6 per day) My first dose of the morning seems to wear off within /2 to 3 hours sometime sooner. I always eat cereal with 2% milk in the morning and they say if you do dairy it sometimes affects your meds if you do it too soon. I would make your Doctor. Sinemet usually works for ~3 hours (from the time that the pill is ingested to dyskinesia coming back after medication wears off). If she needs to take a dose minutes before the medication wears off, it would mean that she needs to take Sinemet constantly (every 2 hours), which doesn't leave any timeĀ  doubling up on carbidopa/levadopa - Ask the Pharmacist.

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I think it works for about 4 hours. How long does Sinemet work for you? Has anyone noticed a difference with the slow release Sinemet CR? What protocol do you follow? Top. 10 March pm. #2. ray of sunshine. Hi. I take Sinemet (in Stalevo form, which includes Entacapone) every 2 hoursĀ  Advice needed please on "wearing off". Hello, My dad started on Comtan about 2 months ago, and it quickly became apparent that he was getting too dopamine. I got him to reduce his Sinemet to two pills every Two hours instead of three every three hours plus reducing the Comtan to a half a pill every other dose as opposed to a whole pill every.

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