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Deadly Soma is a Kannada action - crime biographical film directed by Ravi Shrivatsa and written by. Stars: Audithya, Rakshitha, Avinash, Thara, Devaraj, Bullet Prakash, Shobhraj, Kote Prabhakar, Harish.

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Kannada Action Movie | Deadly Soma [ HD ] | Full Movie | test. rua, Rakshita Kannada Super Hit Movie | Deadly 2 | Full Action Movie | test. ru, Devaraj. Download Deadly 2│Full Kannada Movie│Audithya, Meghana HD Video all video Free Download, master print download full movie, Download Deadly. DEADLY 2 nice. Watch Deadly Soma Kannada Movie Online. Karnataka Forum: Free Kannada Movies Download By Anonymous on Sunday, February 07, – pm: Edit Post. Good to know about this website. Kannada films have become pain to watch – not all but most like. Download Top TV shows, TV Series.

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