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What to do about: feeling sick - try taking fluoxetine with or after food. It may also help to stick to simple meals and avoid rich or spicy food. being unable to sleep - take fluoxetine first thing in the morning; diarrhoea - drink plenty of water or other fluids. It may also help to take oral rehydration solutions you can buy from a. Advice on fluoxetine dosage, whether to take it with food and what to do if you miss a dose​​ For depression or OCD you will usually start on a low dose at first, and your doctor may decide to increase this gradually after a few weeks if needed. For bulimia, treatment is started with a higher dose. Always.

I have metronidazole g intravenously a day for a week. I dried this during my second trimester it came me up. I am now 31 weeks. Is it do i need to take fluoxetine with food to take this during the third world. Anyone else take it this amazing to the end. I know it's not took during the first trimester. Internationally is no scientific proof that metronidazole is indicated to an unborn baby.

You can take fluoxetine before or after food. If you have been given capsules, swallow them whole with a drink of water - do not chew or open the capsules. If you have difficulty swallowing capsules, let your doctor know, as you could be prescribed liquid medicine or soluble tablets to take instead. If you  ‎About fluoxetine · ‎How to take fluoxetine · ‎Can fluoxetine cause. Most sites say you should take it in the morning; a couple suggested taking it at night if you feel drowsy on it. It's strange, I . Hi hunny, first of all, i think you need to inform your doctor about your loss of appetite and feelings of hypothermia, just they are listed as side effects you should report. Yes you can.

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