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An overdose of codeine, mixed with drugs, caused the November death of DJ Screw, according to a spokesperson for the Harris County Medical Examiner's The Screwed Up Click, a crew of local rappers including Lil' Keke and Big Pokey that formed around him, were among many to provide freestyle. When he died, 10 years ago next week, DJ Screw's druggy, ultra-slow sound was a regional craze. Two decades When Screw, just 29 at the time, died on November 16, , from what medical examiners said was an overdose of codeine – drank's active ingredient – that connection was forged for good.

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He built his career on a strange, brilliant idea: slow down the music, like taking a 45 record and playing it at 33 rpm. Then he put it on tape and sold it. His tapes became an underground sensation, so popular that people would drive hundreds of miles to his Houston home to buy them. No one knows how many tapes he. Robert Earl Davis Jr. (July 20, – November 16, ), better known by his stage name DJ Screw, was an American hip hop DJ based in Houston, Texas, and best known as the creator of the now-famous chopped and screwed DJ technique. He was known as a central and influential figure in the Houston hip hop  ‎Biography · ‎Career · ‎Legacy · ‎Discography.

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