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For anyone who took Cytotec how long did it take after to get your first period?? The doc said there was still some debrea in my uterus but my levels were down from to He said that we can wait to see if I will get a period and flush it out. I am wondering when you got your period back? I just took two doses of the pills this past weekend with success for my miscarriage. Does anyone have experience with this? How long did it take.

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After the sac/baby passed, how long did it take for you? Thanks. BACKGROUND: As an antiprogestin, mifepristone may have an impact on the return to ovulation in a manner that is not only attributable to its Our aim was to measure the time-to-ovulation in women who received mifepristone mg orally and misoprostol mcg vaginally for abortion up to 63 days of.

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