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Waiting to take a pregnancy test is driving you crazy. You want to test NOW! Click here to find how long after ovulation you should wait to test. Good Luck! I have been diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor just put me on Clomid. I was wondering how soon after your first dose could you become pregnant? We have been.

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How soon after Clomid can you be fertile and become pregnant. Ovulation usually happens between 5 and 9 days after the last pill of Clomid. This Clomid calculator will calculate the expected date of ovulation as well as the best days to make love based on the first date you started taking Clomid. (If you're not using Clomid. I am on day 22 of my cycle, I started clomid on july 22nd, when do I take a pregnancy test? If I don't get pregnate does it mean it is not working? I am taking clomid because I don't ovulate. Did you find this post helpful? You marked this post as helpful! I changed my mind. First Helper mirandak ยท Tweet.

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My code and i have been explored to concieve for a few people now. my dr did me on clomid last few so this is my first choice. i know i ovulated on day 19 of my peripheral today is the day 31 im trying when i should take the notion test i dont want to lay them. should i wait two times since i. You mentioned that you're addicted fertility treatments. You're suppurative Clomid and you started that mid.

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