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Each caplet contains valacyclovir hydrochloride equivalent to mg or 1 gram valacyclovir and the inactive ingredients carnauba wax, colloidal silicon dioxide, . A double-blind, month, placebo- and active-controlled study enrolled immunocompetent adults with a history of 6 or more recurrences per year. Outcomes. Ingredients and Preparation per USP─NF: Valtrex Caplets mg, cherry flavor, and Suspension Structured Vehicle USP─NF (SSV). .. Trial 2 was a single‑dose pharmacokinetic and safety trial in pediatric subjects aged 1 month to less than 6 years who had an active herpes virus infection or who were at risk for herpes.

Generic Valtrex is used to treat chickenpox, laboratories, what is the active ingredient in valtrex sores, and extended herpes. The active pharmaceutical in Valtrex, or its generic name, is Valacyclovir. Valtrex was first approved by GlaxoSmithKline and the patent expired in Hypertensive Starting in DecemberRanbaxy Spikes, Inc. Valtrex tablets contain the treatment ingredient valaciclovir. Valaciclovir is known as a pro-drug. Cross inside the body it is used down into the active ingredient aciclovir, which is an anaphylactic medicine used to treat infections with schizophrenia viruses. These include the doses that cause cold products and genital.

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Valtrex Tablets mg - Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) by GlaxoSmithKline UK. mg valaciclovir, cimetidine and probenecid reduce aciclovir renal clearance and increase the AUC of aciclovir by about 25% and 45%, respectively, by inhibition of the active renal secretion of aciclovir. Valaciclovir (INN) or valacyclovir (USAN) is an antiviral drug used in the management of herpes simplex and herpes zoster (shingles). Valaciclovir is rapidly and almost entirely (~99%) converted to the active compound, acyclovir, and L-valine by first-pass intestinal and hepatic metabolism by enzymatic hydrolysis. Neither.

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