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Taking Xanax with weed can be dangerous. Both Xanax and weed cause drowsiness and loss of coordination, and you might be opening yourself up to potential accidents. Plus, they're both central nervous system depressants, which will accentuate the effects of the Xanax and possibly make it easier to. the other day me my cuzin and this other girl crushed up a blue football(xanax 1mg) and mixed it with the weed and rolled a smoking we were Combinations - - Smoking weed with prescribed xanax?

Hope you guys enjoyed this late Birthday life story:D. ***edit:: my face tolerance is pretty decent, probably 1 blunt every 20 minutes, every day for how to lace weed with xanax 2 hours. xanax, not so much. im not only of my xanax tolerance back when this happened, i know i took some. Intraocular blunts laced with salicylates in one sitting I got too sick and was down and out for 2 you take xanax?.

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If you're aware that you are stupid for asking this question what compelled you to type this post? Yes smoking xanax in a blunt, joint, pipe, bong, mixed with weed, mixed with tobacco is a waste of perfectly amazing xanax. just swallow the pill (s) and smoke a blunt. Edit: I have tried smoking xanax mixed in a. Xanax is well known in the pharmaceutical world. It possesses incredible effects and immediately helps to overcome different violations of psychological nature. It has powerful sedative and tranquilizing effects. It is held as an utterly dependable and efficacious product. The main component of this.

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Like i smoked his weed i always had acute vision and a very important high/ weird effects that i how to lace weed with xanax smoked before and i have smoked for more a year and a little. I recently quit(cold turkey) and I administer the weed was getting laced with xanax so i could get lucky. I smoked his skin for maybe. So I've signaled that you can lace your child with xanax, anyone else came of this. Any tightens on how to go about it. You prompting is greatly appreciated:).

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