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I will have to undergo an oophrectomy next year and I did ask my oncologist if removing my ovaries will mean I no longer have to take tamoxifen and he stated I . Yes, Arimidex is for post-menapausal women and after I have my ovaries removed I will be considered post-menopausal (surgically induced of  Tamoxifen or removing ovaries or both? After radiation I am suppose to start Tamoxifen. I spoke to my gyno and she found out from my genetic counselor that Tamoxifen for five years or having my ovaries removed would decrease my reoccurance for bc by the same percentage. I have to meet with my regualar oncologist next Wednesday and would like some.

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I received 25 radiation treatments and was prescribed Tamoxifen. The Tamoxifen caused severe bleeding to the point that I recently underwent a total hysterectomy. My question: I'm confused about the fact that since I no longer have ovaries to produce estrogen, how does the Tamoxifen help me? Is there. Few would dispute that oophorectomy should be recommended by age 40 to reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, but there is no consensus on the use of tamoxifen - and its use is not In women over 50, or who had an oophorectomy after natural menopause, tamoxifen should be effective.

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