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Betamethasone brands in India - Becleren from Intra Life (Cutis), ABC Derm from Emcure, Acticard from Active HC, Alcoderm from Alicon Pharma, Aliderma from Candor (Aileron), Avifun-N from Avalanche, Balderm from Bal Pharma, Basic Oint from Lark, BC-Zole DPS from Helax HC, BDM from Laborate. BETAMETHASONE: Adult: PO Allergic and inflammatory disorders; Congenital adrenal hyperplasia mg/day. IM Allergic and inflammatory disorders As betamethasone Na phosphate and betamethasone acetate: Initial: mg/day in divided doses. Ophth Allergic and inflammatory conditions of the eye As %.

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1, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Millicortenol (Skin) (5 gm), Cream, 5 gm, Dexamethasone%, 5 gm, , 2, Fulford (India) Ltd. Diplene (Skin) (20 gm), Cream, 1 gm, Betamethasone mg, 20 gm, , 3, Lupin Laboratories Ltd. Lupiderm (Skin) (10 gm), Cream, 10 gm, Betamethasone% w/w. Available brands for generic Betamethasone combination with manufacturers details. Click on the desired brand to find out the drug price.

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