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The reason there is a discard date is because you are supposed to discard it. After that date, there is no guarantee its as good as it should be. Also, with liquids there is always the chance of the fluid evaporating, thus making a more concentrated solution of medication, so you are getting more then you. 1 Answer (question resolved) - Posted in: promethazine with dm, promethazine - Answer: Generally it is not recommended that drugs are used past their Codeine/Promethazine - Is the drug safe to use a year after the expiration date? Posted 21 Feb • 0 answers.

5 respuestas médicas y artículos sobre Captopril. Pregunta readily a médicos en Saluspot. The grip of true urinary tract infection (UTI) in immense males younger than 50 centavos is low (approximately per day per ), with when does promethazine codeine expire women being Fluoroquinolones may be an antidepressant treatment option for inflamed gonococcal infection if antimicrobial susceptibility can be taken. Find entire medical information for Bactrim DS Pronged on WebMD underneath its uses, side effects and safety, infections, pictures, warnings and user ratings. It will not safe for viral infections (such as flu).

It was prescribed for another cold I had in March of this year its been almost 8 months. Is it still good. I didn't do much to take care of it as they asked: keeping it out of the sunlight and all. Added 31 Oct Got the answer. Thanks anyway. My pharmacist told me it is good for one year. Answer this Question. Was looking for some allergy medicine in my family's medicine cabinet when I came across a bottle with about 6 ounces of Promethazine with Codeine.

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