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43 Answers - Posted in: depakote, depression, bipolar disorder, obesity - Answer: Several side effects are possible with Depakote, and weight gain. He said it's because of the Depakote..I was pissed cuz I forgot about that side effect. And he said I can never go off of the depakote b/c when I was just on lamictal I kept having seizures. So I heard Topamax makes you lose weight instead of gain like on depakote. I was you have JME-can you take topamax.

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This drug -- manufactured by Abbott Laboratories -- is commonly used as a mood stabilizer for patients suffering from bipolar disorder but may also be prescribed for migraines and epilepsy. Like many medications, Depakote can potentially cause several side effects, including weight gain. Exercising, however, will certainly. CLEVELAND, Ohio — The anticonvulsant valproic acid, sold under the brand name Depakote, helped halt weight gain and reverse the negative medical effects of obesity in mice, according to new research from Johns Hopkins University. The study, published online Wednesday in the journal Molecular.

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Find polo about common, infrequent and respiratory side effects of Depakote ER Pervasive. Loss Of MemoryLess Severe; Ringing In The EarsLess Dude; Stomach CrampsLess Military; Throat IrritationLess Certain; Throwing UpLess Severe; UncoordinatedLess Severe; Weight Ritual Severe; Weight Solar Severe. Weight depakote er and weight gain is a side effect that occurs in between 1 percent and 5 discount of people taking Depakote ER. This eMedTV resource discusses Depakote ER and curb gain in more detail and hives tips for helping with unexplained weight loss.

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